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What is Memory in a computer? Memory is also known as RAM (random access memory) has the ability to temporarily store active data, so that it can be accessed quickly as and when required. The more programs that you have active the more memory that you will require. Your standard desktop would have between 4 and 8 GB of ram which is more than enough for your day-to-day tasks, however, if you are working on video editing you are going to need a minimum of 16GB if not more as this is very demanding task. Along with gaming, newer AAA-rated games will require more memory to run smoothly.

When choosing the right RAM for your computer you will also need to figure out what your motherboard requires, you have the option of DDR3 and DDR4. The second choice is the newer generation which goes with the newer motherboards along with the newer CPU’s for instance if you upgrade to an AM4 motherboard that would hold a Ryzen 5 1600 and up, where are the DDR3 would only cover AM3+ CPU fittings. DDR3 can only go up to 8GB stick with 240 pins whereas DDR4 doesn’t have a limit per stick and is 288 pin connectors. If you do go down the Ryzen route you would need to consider going for a higher speed RAM, these CPU’s have been known to run better and smoother with higher speed memory. You will also need to consider the ‘Tested Latency’ this is about how fast the command gets actioned. For example, if you have 2 ram sticks then you have 2 lanes for data to be processed, the speed of the ram is how fast the data moves through these ram stick, so the larger the number the faster it’ll be processed, this is why adding more ram doesn’t necessary may your computer faster it just allows you. This is where the latency comes into it, this is the time frame from when you command your computer to it processing the task.


There are three main competitors when it comes to RAM. You have corsair which I want to talk about first, there are many options. If you look at DDR3 you don’t have many choices other than the different types of heatsink on them, and the speed of them. The faster the speed of the RAM the faster they would be able to process different tasks, DDR3 starts at 1333MHz and goes up to 2000MHz

Then you go to DDR4 which starts at 2400MHz and depending on what you purchase can go up to 4000MHz +, but when you are looking at DDR4 you can choose if you want to have LED performance RAM or just normal performance RAM which all depends on how you want your PC to look. You would also get a lifetime warranty so not only would you get good performance you also have comfort knowing that you are protected.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Good design for self-cooling
  • Massive choice of designs


  • Quite expensive compared to the competition
  • Quite large.

What is Memory in a Computer, Corsair Dominator


HyperX is another brand of RAM that you can consider, it is the same scenario when it comes to DDR3 they are the same speeds it starts at 1333MHz and goes up to 2000MHz, You have the different types of heatsink that you can choose from to personalize your computer. Then DDR4 starts at 2400MHz and has the potential to go up to 3733MHz, again the main thing you need to consider what speed you want and the look that you want from them as there are a couple of different choices. Depending on what memory you choose, some of them will automatically overclock themselves to the highest speed listed in the BIOS. They offer your performance memory the same as Corsair and their RGB alternative that links up with numerous types of software to control the lighting.


  • Cheaper than Competitors
  • Better performance for the price


  • Not as effective cooling
  • Not as stylish

What is Memory in a Computer, Hyperx


The last one that I want to talk about is G.Skill, there are massive amounts of choice when looking into these. DDR3 starts at speeds of around 1000MHz and goes up to 2400MHz, which is a massive variety as you have many heatsink options again, the same as all the other brands. G.Skills DDR4 starts at 2400MHz and goes up to 4800MHz if you go for the Royal Range, which has a unique heatsink and RGB. Unfortunately, G.Skill kits can be hard to get hold of so if you see some at a decent price it will be worth considering. Other than this they are cheaper than some of the other competitor’s options for the equivalent performance.


  • Cheaper than Competition
  • Good Performance


  • Scarce availability

What is Memory in a Computer, G.Skill

There is a massive variety of memory that you can choose from for your computer. When looking around for your PC you will need to take into consideration what you are going to want from your computer. If you already have a computer you could always upgrade what you have, as long as you know what memory your computer currently supports. You will not have a shortage of choice. If you aren’t too worried about the looks you are able to save a lot of money for the performance, but if you are building your PC you are guaranteed to find one that suits your needs


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