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Product: Deepcool Gammaxx GT A-RGB CPU coolerDeepcool Gammaxx GT

Price: £34.99 (Retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 5 Years

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10


Deepcool Gammaxx GT A-RGB CPU Air Cooler Overview

This is the latest and upgraded version of the previous Gammaxx GT RGB CPU air cooler. The old cooler was pretty good on its own but now they have upgraded a few components to try to make it that little better. You have upgraded heat pipes there are still only 4 pipes but they have been upgraded for better heat dissipation. Along with this, the RGB lighting has been upgraded to ARGB which can now be controlled by either the new controller that comes with it or the motherboard. Along with this, the mounting kit has also been upgraded so it is much easier to install compared to the previous cooler.


This CPU air cooler is a single tower form, as you are able to two towers as well to improve cooling. You have four heat pipes in this model as it is a single tower form, if you had more towers you would have more pipes to increase cooling performance. It has LED lighting build into the top of the cooler that you can control via the motherboard or the controller that comes with it. It also comes with a 120mm fan with build-in LED’s which again can be controlled via motherboard or controller.


This CPU cooler has a massive compatibility range as it goes across all the AMD range and it covers a lot of the Intel CPU sockets. For example, you are able to install it on any of the following Intel sockets LGA1150, 1151, 1155, and 1366. As for the AMD sockets, it will fit to all the following, AM2/AM2+, AM3/AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, and FM2+ which covers the whole of the AMD CPU sockets that are available

Pro’s and Con’s

Pros & Cons

  • Good air cooler for price
  • Simple design
  • Very easy to install
  • Widely compatible
  • There are more effective ways to col
  • Quite large in size (will need to check it fits in your case)


The performance for the price of this cooler is very impressive, it looks the part and it has a very good feel to it as it is a quality component. This would be the perfect part for people who are building on a budget but need a good reliable cooling component. This has to be one of the easiest coolers that I have come across, the instructions are very easy to understand are very easy to follow. You would be going with a very reputable company along with this you will get 5-year warranties to cover any problems that you have. If you want to have all the same fans within the build you are able to swap out the Deepcool fan for any other 120mm fan that you choose as they are only held in with place with 2 metal clips that hold on the current Deepcool fan. Overall I think that it is a very good cooler, it’s quite large so you will need to go careful and make sure it would fit in your case but for the money, it is easily worth the money if you are on a tight budget.

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4 Responses

  1. Great review! Would you recommend this one for a high-end CPU? I am planning to get myself a beastly i9-9900k in the future. Would you think this would do the trick or should I keep it stock, or perhaps water cooling should be required for such a processor?

    Great review though, will keep an eye out for future reviews, nicely done!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this!

      I currently run Ryzen 2700x with the older version of this cooler and this is more than enough to cool it however the I9-9900k is a beast of a processor so I wouldn’t want to say if this could cope. The stock cooler would be enough to cool it however I would personally look into an All In One cooler as it will certainly look the part with components that you have and it will be more than enough!

      Thank you

  2. What kinds of computers would require additional coolers? Where would you place it? Underneath the computer? Or is this meant for going inside a desktop high power gaming computer? Pardon my ignorance. 

    My experience with computers has been with regular workhorses from both sides of the camp, MacOS and Windows. I know that my earlier MacBook Pro used to get quite hot underneath. My current AZUS el cheapo laptop has no fan cooling. It uses solid state memory throughout. 

    I like the idea of having programmable LEDs. Is that for decorative reasons to change colors? In my earlier career I worked on LEDs for use in backlighting LCDs. 



    • Thank you for taking the time to read through. So all of the cooling would be installed inside the computer case, when you purchase a workstation from a shop they would usually have 2 or 3 fans, one on the CPU its self then one at the front for cool air and one at the back to exhaust the hot air. If you purchase a gaming computer already built you will have much more as it is creating a lot more heat being put under more stress. Laptops only tend to have 1 or 2 very small fans inside trying to disperse the heat, if you have the laptop on your lap or on your bed it will get incredibly hot as the laptop sucks in air from the edges and exhausts on the opposite side and these would get blocked by the bedding or your clothing which means the heat cannot escape. 

      Being able to install the LEDs is purely for the looks of the build, depending on what lights you purchase you are able to either program them by an application on the computer or the cheaper alternatives will come with a controller to control them instead.

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